Why You Should Watch Housefull During The Lockdown

The greatest Bollywood movie released ten years ago, this month. Housefull was iconic in all ways possible. If your house is indeed full right now under lockdown, travel back in time to ten years ago and relive this whacky family’s story under lockdown. If you’re wondering why, here are some moments to jog up your memory:

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Aarush the Panauti Fights a Monkey

After being cheated on by his wife on his honeymoon (oof), Aarush finally meets the gorgeous Sandy, by saving her life. The only one in his way: an evil monkey. Obviously, he fights it.

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Prada the…pilla?

Although he fucked up, Aarush always did have the best of intentions. He accidentally killed Bob and Hetal’s parrot, Prada, and wanted to replace the lost pet. The only thing he got wrong along the way was the…animal.

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Who is the Damatji

Bob is trying to impress Hetal’s father, Batuk Patel, while Aarush is trying to impress Sandy’s brother, Major Krishna Rao. In a comedy of errors, Aarush ends up playing the role of Hetal’s husband and Batuk Patel’s damatji, while Bob ends up as the… “English Cooker.”

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Anarth Thai Gayo!

It’s not what it seems, okay. Just because you see Bob and Aarush exiting the bathroom together, sans clothing, proceeded by Major Krishna Rao, does not mean it is what it looks like.

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The Royal Laughing Gas Palace

I mean, only Bollywood can have the balls to make the Buckingham Palace a laughing stock—literally! Housefull ends on a note that leaves us, and the actors, in fits of laughter.

Watch the movie about the unluckiest man in the world, trapped at home with seven people, all of whom trying to impress one another and pretend to be a big, happy, family. You’ll immediately feel better about your own lockdown situation.

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