5 Times Sunny Leone Made Us ROFL

Happy Birthday Sunny Leone! We absolutely love you. Not only have you proven yourself to be a fantastic dancer, performer, and even actor, you’ve shown the world that hard work goes a long way. We love how graceful you are–even when interviewers have bombarded you with questions that are insulting–and how you carry yourself with elegance, always. You’re a fashion icon, a household name, and also a devoted mother.

Since it’s your special day, we thought of reliving our favourite moments with you, at Mirchi. Like:

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When you made us LOL on the #MirchiMusicAwards Purple Carpet with your Dating Tips

Sunny Leone gives RJ Pranit some fashion advice that comes with dating advice as well. We even took notes (very seriously) from the tips she gave:
1) The naughty jokes should stop
2) Be yourself
3) Go with your personal style
Thanks, Sunny! Ab toh mujhe pyaar milega, na?

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When you narrated to us the story of how you met Shah Rukh Khan

Yep, even Sunny Leone can get starstruck. Although, to be fair, anyone will be starstruck when they meet the King Khan. In this really lovely interview with RJ Yogi, she talks about the moment when she met SRK for the first time, and how that for her was like “a dream come true”. We feel you, Sunny.

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When you dropped some gender truth bombs about relationships

In this interview with RJ Prerna for her 2016 movie ‘One Night Stand,’ Sunny Leone dropped some very real truth bombs about the differences between men and women. After stating that women are actually more emotional, she said that when it comes to men, “one half of the body doesn’t talk to the other half of the body.” AKA, men don’t always use their heart when it comes to relationships. They use their other heart; the one in their nether regions. See, she’s so witty!

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When you gave super fiery answers in this Rapid Fire

Sunny Leone and Arbaaz Khan were on RJ Rochie’s show and dropped some crazy answers about love, hookups, and relationships in general. Watch the video and you’ll find yourself laughing non-stop.

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When you were equally candid and funny at the #MirchiMusicAwards

She’s witty and fiery and super funny, but she makes me ROFL when she talks about how crazy it is that EVERYONE in Bollywood can sing: “I sing, I dance, I act, I do it all!” she imitates, well, every actor in the industry. RJ Sangy asks her question after question about which star has the worst playlist, and even has her perform a range of emotions (from anger to sadness to joy) with the funniest dialogues. Sunny does it all with ease, and with a niceness that is hard to come by these days.

Guess it’s true; Sunny Leone is as kind as she is candid, and as funny as she is fiery. Happy birthday! Thank you for being your awesome, badass self.

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