Bollywood Movie Scenes That Made Us UGLY CRY!

There are emotional scenes and then there are scenes that make you ugly cry and will stay with you for a few days. They clearly know to hit you right where it hurts. Be it the scene from The Fault In Our Stars where Hazel reads the eulogy that Gus left for her, or be it the scene from Bajrangi Bhaijaan where Munni yells out to her mama in the end, we all have cried our hearts out. (P.S:- Kal Ho Na Ho, Masaan, Neerja, The Notebook, and P.S I love You tops are chart with the most emotional scene too.)

So, grab a box of tissues or have someone nearby so you can cry onto their sleeves because we are going to tell you about some of the recent Bollywood movie scenes that made us ugly cry. 

1. Shershaah

Shershaah’s last scene had to top the list right? Vikram Batra’s funeral scene is something that will stay with us for the longest. This honest and gut-wrenching scene made us bawl our eyes out. The song Man Bhareya fit so aptly that we just couldn’t stop our tears. Vikram Batra’s family breaking down to Kiara Advani realizing that she is wearing the same dupatta that she was wearing while Vikram married her in the gurudwara, the scene just made us ugly cry. 

P.S:- This scene was shot in the presence of Vikram Batra’s brother in Palampur, where Vikarm’s actual funeral took place, making it an emotional moment for the cast too

2. Toofan

There is no greater pain than watch your other half die. Farhan Akhtar made it even more difficult to watch the scene where he reaches the station to identify his wife’s body. What breaks us is when he sees a number tag being written on her forehead and he just bursts out at the police while crying and wipes out the number. The lump in his voice and the tears in his eyes were enough to make even a grown man cry. 

3. URI: The Surgical Strike

The entire movie kept our Josh high till the moment you see a little one giving the toughest war cry. Yes! When Vicky Kaushal’s brother-in-law is martyred and his niece utters the motto of the Indian army with tears flowing down. “Shauryam… Daksham… Yuddheya… Balidan Param Dharma” and then Vicky Kaushal’s voice breaks! (And my heart too) No matter how many times you watch this scene, it is going to crush your soul and give a hard lump in your throat each time. 

4. The Sky Is Pink

Where to start? The entire film was an emotional roller coaster ride that made us cry at regular intervals. Everyone did justice to their roles. Priyanka Chopra, Farhan Akhtar, Rohit Saraf, and Zaira Wasim lived the roles as their own lives. Out of the many emotional scenes, Farhan playing a video after Aisha passed away is something that will make your eyes swell with tears. Her goodbye video is hard to watch and with each line, your heart will ache and your eyes swell. How badly we all wished, Aisha survived! 

5. Chhappak

Ek chehra gira, Jaise mohra gira, Jaise dhoop ko grahan lag gaya, Chhapaak se pehchaan le gaya” Gulzar couldn’t have explained the pain of acid attack survivors better than this. This heart-wrenching story had a scene where Deepika Padukone looks into the mirror after she was attacked. The scream after seeing her deformed face will break your heart and will be etched in you for a long time. That was when she realized that her life will never be the same. 

6. Dil Bechara

Sushant Singh Rajput’s last film deserves to be on this list. This film is an adaptation of The Fault In Our Stars. Every dialogue towards the end made us ugly cry. But the eulogy scene had to be the one that will make your pillows wet with tears. Sanjana Sanghi made sure you finish your box of tissues with her perfect acting skills. Mannie’s death and him asking his friends if they will miss him is something that will tear you apart. 

If you plan to watch these gems again, or if you haven’t watched them yet, then please do. DO NOT FORGET A BOX OF TISSUES, PLEASE?

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