Best One-Actor Films That Proved “Sher Akela Hi Kaafi Hai”

Having just a single actor in any film can be a risky element, but after all – RISK HAI TOH ISHQ HAI. Many filmmakers have tried their hands at single hero films and some have succeeded really well. 

So, if you really want to watch something offbeat, then here we are with a list of films that revolve around a single actor.

1. Trapped

IMDB Rating:– 7.6

When we speak of masterpieces like these, how can we not mention Rajkummar Rao’s Trapped? He delivered a jaw-dropping performance in the film.  This Vikramaditya Motwane film revolved around Rajkummar Rao getting stuck in an uninhabited apartment which is on the 35th floor. As the story moves ahead, Trapped becomes a scary affair. Shaurya (Raj’s character) has better instincts and he tried everything possible to get help, only to fail eventually. No electricity, no food and water, and his helpless voice falling into deaf ears.  Don’t worry, Motwane answers every question you have in mind and it will keep you hooked till the last minute. Rajkummar Rao makes sure that we empathize with him. 

2. Cast Away

Where To Watch:– Amazon Prime Video

IMDB Rating:– 7.8

When it’s Tom Hanks in the lead, we automatically know that he is going to nail it. But, what we doubted was how is he going to pull off something where he is the only actor (other than Wilson the volleyball). Tom Hanks is the victim of a plane crash and he ends up being the lone survivor and lands on a deserted island. How he adapts to the hostile situation, how he fights for his life in isolation for years, and how he tries to escape the island is a roller coaster ride to watch. 

3. LIfe Of Pi

Where To Watch:- Hotstar Premium

IMDB Rating:– 7.9

A boy, a tiger, and a vast endless ocean – this is Life of Pi. Pi and a Bengal Tiger is the lone survivor after a terrible storm sinks the ship. Days, weeks, and months go by and Pi and the tiger must learn to trust each other if both are to survive. Every second, something or the other happens and the film really keeps us off the edge. Suraj Sharma as Pi did a spectacular job and we made sure that we all feel the emotions he is experiencing. 

4. Pihu

IMDB Rating:- 6.7

A two-year-old’s survival saga. We can call it an incredible solo act by the tiny little girl. The trailer rightly describes it as every parent’s nightmare. Her helplessness and her antics will scare and terrify you and each time she nears a danger zone, your heart will pound faster than you can ever imagine. All throughout the movie, there will be a silent prayer in your heart that says – Ohh God please keep the child safe! 

5. Helen 

Where To Watch:– Amazon Prime Video

IMDB Rating:– 7.7

Though there are other characters in the film too, Helen mainly revolves around a restaurant staff who gets stuck in the freezer room. Anna Ben makes this movie a heart-rending survival drama. 5 hours in this freezing place is a nightmare and she tries everything possible to make her presence felt so that someone comes to rescue her. It gives you a sense of claustrophobia and shivers down your body when you see her take each step in the freezer.


IMDB Rating:– 7

What will you do if you find yourself buried in a wooden coffin, with a cell phone, a lamp, a lighter, and a knife? This is exactly the plot of Buried. A movie based on a man’s psychological and physical struggle. Just like the character, the film can only count on Ryan Reynolds to survive. The film will keep you hooked and you won’t feel like blinking your eye even for a second. 

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