9 of our favourite Prabhudeva choreographies, apart from Rowdy Baby

Prabhudeva is synonymous to dance in India. The dancer, director, actor, singer and choreographer is a powerhouse of talent, but is best known for his insane dance skills. A true fan and follower of Michael Jackson, Prabhudeva has contributed to the Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Indian film industry in many ways.

Here are some of his most iconic choreographies:

1. Kay Sera Sera

I mean, it’s one thing for Prabhudeva to pop-n-lock hiphop style, but to get the classical queen Madhuri Dixit to do it? Nobody else but Deva could have done so. And Kay Sera Sera remains iconic because of this dance duo that takes our breaths away.

2. Urvashi (OG)

AR Rahman’s music and Prabhudeva’s dancing made for a youthful, hit song that is relevant even all these years later. Urvashi will always be on every Indian’s top 5 fave filmy songs, and it’s mostly because we’ve tried to imitate Prabhudeva’s dancing in it.

3. Saree Ka Fall Sa

Shahid Kapoor can dance, everyone knows this. Sonakshi Sinha can move in a saree, everyone knows this. Prabhudeva can accomplish every kind of dancing style, everyone knows this. Which is why Saree ka Fall sa is such a great number to watch visually; it brings out the best in its stars. A masaledar song that’s always a hit at every drunk party, Saree Ka Fall Sa makes you wanna get up and groove.

4. Vennilave Vennilave

Prabhudeva and Kajol’s romantic dance song is one of the cutest ones to date, and also one of the most magical. The moonlight-ish lighting, Prabhudeva moving smoothly, Kajol’s youthful beauty, it all comes together in this enchanting piece.

5. Muqabala

The old Muqabala is the best Muqabala, okay. Again, Rahman and Prabhudeva come together to create another masterpiece — both audio and visual. A favourite among hiphop and film fans, this song is the best fusion and original song that is given super fun steps to by Deva himself.

6. Go Go Govinda

Totally crazy and fun, just like the movie OMG itself, Go Go Govinda is a festive favourite. Sonakshi is full of energy and Prabhudeva is playful AF in this colourful duet song. Sukhwinder Singh’s voice is full of life and Deva+Sonakshi are wacky and having a blast. Plus, who doesn’t love watching Prabhudeva groove in slo-mo, wildly and with passion?

7. Mattiloni Chettu

Mattiloni Chettu proves that choreography isn’t just about organising dances with hundreds of backup dancers, that it isn’t just about song and dance meeting to check a list from a movie’s recipe. It’s about choreographing small moments of life, be it spending time with one’s family or biking around the city. It’s about synchronising moments with music, about merging the small beats of everyday life along with rhythm of musical songs.

8. Engeyum Kadhal title track

Another great love song, Engeyum Kadhal’s title track is super cheesy but lovely to watch. Set in Italy or some European country, Prabhudeva seems to be wandering around while deeply in love, contemplating the deep feelings of romantic love and the warm, fuzzy feeling of it. Again, Prabhudeva isn’t doing a traditional love dance number. He’s donning white and moving to the feels of love, while being surrounded by it in all ages, forms and fashions. It’s a visually aesthetic, pleasing track that just amplifies the captivating power of Prabhudeva’s solo dancing.

9. Rowdy Baby, of course

I mean, I’ve already shared everything I love about Rowdy Baby, and there’s always more to say. But the song and dance speak for themselves. As do the number of views: over one billion. Only Prabhudeva’s incredible choreography could have accomplished this.

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