8 Real Reasons Why we Love Welcome

The 2007 hit and the movie that defined our childhood, Welcome, was a real winner. The slapstick comedy was illogical, mind numbing and ridiculous, but yet it is one of the most entertaining and hilarious films to exist in Bollywood. Every element of this movie came together, right from Rajiv and his “choona” to Majnu Bhai and his artistic abilities. While the movie is about Rajiv and Sanjana’s love story, no one really cares much about that.

Welcome isn’t just a movie, it is a cult. And here are the 8 Real Reasons why we love it-

1. majnu bhai

Majnu Bhai was the real star of the film. He was brave, bold and fashionable. Those low neck shirts, red leather jackets, chunky chains and ripped jeans were ahead of their time. And he was an artist. His interpretation of the world around him led to the creation of the iconic Rocking Horse Painting which could, let’s be honest, give M.F. Husain a run for his money. Majnu Bhai was the perfect boyfriend too. He treated Ishika with such love! He was caring and considerate and even happily sacrificed his love for her to make her brother Uday happy. What a gem! Majnu Bhai was more than a character, he was an experience. 


2. “Aloo Le Lo” Scene

The fact that Uday was so focused and so serious about these lines made it all the more better. Despite being a Don, he was oblivious to the fact that he was being made a fool of. The line was simple, melodious and perfectly summed up his sentiment i.e. to buy his potatoes and onions. This one line elevated the whole movie. There is more acting in this scene than there is in all of Bollywood’s star kids today.

3. “Control, Uday, Control”

A motto to live by, “Control, Uday, Control” was iconic. Everytime he said it, it left us all in splits. And this little stress relieving technique saved him from killing both Rajiv and Ghunghroo and thereby saved the entire plotline. Yogi’s have their “Oms” and us Welcome fans have our “Control, Uday, Control”

4. Majnu bhai’s iconic shades

Majnu Bhai was a whole package in himself, but the one thing that truly upped his game were his uber cool, front opening shades. He was far too busy being the baddest underworld thug to ever exist and didn’t have time to remove his shades the usual way. If you were the baddest underworld thug to ever exist, you wouldn’t either. These shades were a metaphor really. When they popped open, so did his eyes, to all that he had never seen before. Like the traffic scene that inspired his infamous horse-dog-donkey (what even was it) painting. And it added so much swag to his character! His reflective, front opening glasses were the fashion statement we didn’t know we needed.

5. Miraaaacle Miraaaacle!

If you didn’t spend your childhood yelling”Miraaacle Miraaacle” when the silliest things happened, you failed this movie. Rajiv’s instant and only response to Lucky jumping out of the pyre was yelling “Miracle”. He had just tried to burn RDX’s son alive and was about to get caught, and all he could think of was yelling “Miracle”. Many of us are guilty of fast-forwarding the movie till this very part. 

6. The Smart April Fool’s Prank

This entire plotline was so ridiculous that it was legendary. Sanjana and her friends manage to prank Rajiv 3 times, but only to get pranked by him in the end. We can’t decide what we love more about this whole jig. Was it :
a) Everytime Sanjana pulled a fast one on Rajiv an entire panel of judges would just magically appear? Were they following her around the whole time? How did Rajiv not see them even once? James Bond should learn some spying tricks from them.
b) When Sanjana and her friends thought Rajiv drowned in a crystal clear swimming pool because they couldn’t find him. The pool was clearly three feet deep and a six foot tall man in a suit would most certainly be seen. 
This entire segment of the movie was so ludicrous that it made us love it more.

7. unlucky lucky

Lucky was the most relatable and understated character in the whole movie, all he wanted to do was chill with his friends, shoot his guns, and just have fun. But instead, he was almost burned alive. Well, in retrospect, he wasn’t so lucky… He was the quintessential angsty teenager, he was embarrassed of his dad, wanted to party all day and wanted to stay alive, but clearly the latter was too much to ask. Lucky was the real hero of the film, without him, there would be no film.

(he’s so unlucky we couldn’t even find a picture of him to use)

8. The ending that made NO sense

Passing the Parcel… of death? The ending of Welcome was more illogical than it’s premise, but yet more fitting than ever. Despite being a feared king of the underworld, RDX decides to play a deadly game of passing the parcel (LOL what!) Whoever the parcel aka an inflatable beach ball lands on will die. This whole scene was so SO stupid, but yet we couldn’t get enough of it. Add in the architecturally impossible see-sawing house, and we have the complete package.  

Welcome will always be one of the best and most legendary Bollywood movies to ever exist. No matter how many times we watch it, it never gets boring. 

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