8 Great Movies That Will Inspire You And Really Change Your Perspective On Life

Movies are definitely a medium of entertainment. But, once in a while, you watch a movie and it ends up leaving a larger impact on you than you ever thought. Sometimes after the end credit, you just sit and analyze your life and the movie just ends up changing the perception of you towards life. 

So, if you were wondering what to watch this weekend, here’s a list of movies that will change your perception towards life. 

1. The Shawshank Redemption 

Where To Watch:- Netflix

IMDB Rating:– 9.3

We have lost hopes in life at some point in life, but the film Shawshank Redemption showed us that Hope is a great thing to have. Andy Dufresne spent 19 years in jail, but his perseverance helped him get out the jail. He was always hopeful and had faith. Even when people told him that Hope is a dangerous thing and that it can drive anyone mad, Andy still hoped for the best. Well, this is the reason, the film can be considered an ode to hope. The film also tells us that you either get busy living or you get busy dying – the choice is yours. 

2. The Lunchbox

Where To Watch:- Netflix

Irrfan Khan had magic in him. Because he managed to make conservative India love a film based on extra-marital affairs. Well, Lunchbox gives us a new perspective on love and life. More than the story, it is the dialogues that make us think about life in a different way. 

3. The Truman Show

Where To Watch:- Netflix

The Truman Show showed us that we tend to believe what is shown to us. We barely look around and analyze. The truth might be far from reality, but we just don’t see it. A brilliantly conceived satire that revolves around the life of Truman Burbank, whose life is a TV Reality show! His life was shown on TV right from the time he was born, the story ends when he manages to escape the ‘fake reality world’ that was built for him. 


Where To Watch:- Netflix

Chasing your dream is very important. That’s exactly what Udaan taught us. Udaan film is really very relatable. The film revolves around the story of a teenage boy who returns home to a very strict father and a half-brother after 8 years of being in a boarding school. The beauty of the film is that he doesn’t let his dad pull him down and away from his dream. He breaks free and hence making us believe that we can be what we want to be if we really fight for the things we want. 

5. Swades

Where To Watch:– Netflix

Swades literally opened everyone’s eye. We all realized that we all have been running behind good grades, high-paying jobs, and probably settle abroad. What we don’t see is that our country needs us too. After watching the movie, we all will feel a connection to our motherland and will make us want to contribute even in the smallest way possible. 


Where To Watch:- Netflix

What is freedom for you? What is true fulfillment for you? Well, after watching the film Into The Wild, your perception of life might just change. Christopher McCandless decides to abandon everything and connect with nature and set out on a journey to find true happiness. Trust me you will yearn for the same after completing the film. 


Where To Watch:– Amazon Prime Video

Are you the person who feels all the wrong things in the world are happening just to you? And you need to bring some optimism into your life? Then Forrest Gump is the movie you MUST watch. A heartwarming story that will tell you harsh truths and will show you what reality is in the most childish way and will show you how the world looks through the eyes of an optimist. 


Where To Watch:- Netflix

We all know that life has turned into a race. While parents are preparing their kids to win this race, they just forget that sometimes their kids just don’t want to get into that academic race, and sometimes they are just meant for different things with amazing abilities. This film should be watched by every parent. I bet their perspective will change.

P.S:- 3 Idiots is yet another movie that focuses on the same issue. 

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