6 Proposals Scenes from Bollywood movies that really made us go “Aww”

I know I know, I am 5 months too early to be talking about proposals. But you know, a certain chain of events (watching a 90’s rom-com with the cutest proposal scene that made me feel single at 2 am) may have influenced the topic of this article. The said scene got me thinking, how several Bollywood movies too, have given us some of the best proposals ever. More over-the-top than simple… they never fail to sweep me off my feet!

So, if you are big into proposals, here’s a compilation of some of my favourite proposal scenes from Bollywood movies, which will make you go “awww” very time you watch them!

1. Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na

Airport proposals are top-tier and that’s a fact! Watching Jai break the rules he’d been sticking to all his life, just so he could confess his love for Aditi brings the widest smile on my face. At the risk of sounding extremely pathetic, I could pay someone to do this for me!

2. My Name Is Khan

Mandira’s proposal to Rizwan has to be one of the purest moments of on-screen love Bollywood has blessed us with. It wasn’t grand and neither was it followed by a speech. The unreal sunrise in the background and simplicity of both the characters was enough to warm our hearts.

3.Anjaana Anjaani

It only takes two daredevils to pull off a proposal like this, because I can’t imagine walking into the ocean on a freezing cold December night! But neither am I going to have a chance to do something like this, so the joke is really on me.

4. Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

You saw this one coming, didn’t you? I couldn’t have missed it! Even though Bunny proposed Naina with a fake ring, his love, like he said, was absolutely real and we agree. Not everyone can put a hold on their dreams to pursue love. Ngl, I think the new year’s eve made it even more special!

5. Dil Chahta Hai

Only true Dil Chahta Hai fans know that Akash proposes Shalini with the same lines he says when he first meets her. The only difference is, they were just pick-up lines then and honest feelings now. You don’t believe me? Let me prove it to you!

6. Wake Up Sid

This scene from Wake Up Sid makes me realise how love isn’t perfect, but will always be pure when found in the right person. The beauty of Mumbai rains, the song in the background, everything about this proposal was absolutely wholesome.

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