5 Times Tusshar Kapoor Stood Up For Himself as a Single Father

Tusshar Kapoor is known for his iconic roles and impeccable comic timing, but lately he’s been stealing the spotlight as a single father to his adorable son Laksshaya.

This Mother’s Day i.e Sunday, 10th May, watch him go LIVE on Radio Mirchi’s IG (@radiomirchi) with RJ Sangy at 2pm to hear him talk about single fatherhood, breaking barriers, surrogacy and more.

He has proven himself to be the most loving and nurturing father. But being a prominent figure in Bollywood and constantly being in the public eye, has made him vulnerable to judgement, and even criticism about being a single parent via surrogacy. 

Here 5 of the cutest, yet super empowering things he’s said about being a single father

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“I feel a lot of things fall in place when you have someone you can call your own and come back home to live for, to love and to look forward to. These are the blessings we all crave for eventually, be it with a life partner, it could be with a child. I think this was my calling and I am glad I took it”

He openly said that love is love and one doesn’t always need a partner to experience it. He feels the same love for his son and vice versa, and that is beautiful.

as told to DesiMartini

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“I reached the level of maturity needed to become a father at 40.  Had I become a father even at 35, I wouldn’t have been able to give my 100% to it”

We love how candid and honest he is about why he became a father at 40. Many people don’t realize that it’s not about age, but about how mentally ready you are to become a parent, and we love that Tusshar just said it as it is.

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as told to Bollywood Hungama

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“I wanted to be a father and I wanted to start a family, so I did it”

As. Simple. As. That. For any parent, merely wanting to start a family should be motivation enough, and this statement coming from Tusshar is extremely empowering to couples and single parents alike.

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as told to Filmfare

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“I want to empower him with a lot of love, support and companionship that many kids sometimes don’t get from their family. So I want to give him all that usually one doesn’t get from their father”

Even today, many father’s assume they have defined roles to play in their child’s life, and are traditional about them. But a single parent can’t ever have a defined role, and Tusshar accepting that fact, makes him all the more empowering

as told to Bollywood Shaadis

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“I don’t know why it happens that if you are single and you want a child of your own, people say, ‘Why don’t you adopt?’ When the entire world is having biological children, why can’t we?”

He is breaking parenting barriers one stigma at a time and we love it.

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as told on 104.8 Ishq’s ‘What Women Want’

Tusshar Kapoor shares a strong bond with Laksshaya, and it is only becoming stronger. He is an inspiration to all the single parents out there. His own sister and TV Tycoon, Ekta Kapoor became a single mother last year to her adorable son, Ravie.

Watch him talk about his journey LIVE on Sunday, May 10th on Radio Mirchi’s IG (@radiomirchi) with RJ Sangy at 2pm

You don’t want to miss this, trust us.

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