12 Times Shah Rukh Khan Proved That He Will Forever be the King of Bollywood

SRK, King Khan, Bollywood ka Badshah, the King of Romance…there are so many names for him. For 29 years now, Shah Rukh Khan has made us laugh, weep buckets and dance our hearts out. He is an entertainer at heart and has this charisma that can make anyone fall in love with him. Always charming, genuine and grounded, SRK is rightfully called the King of Bollywood. An outsider who came to Bombay with starry eyes and a background in theatre, he first made it to the small screen with Fauji before Deewana hit the big screen in 1992. He’s played lovers, villains, supernatural robots, creepy fans, a therapist, a father…all with skilled ease.

But why is he the Badshah? The main reason is his authentic, awesome self. He manages to win our hearts both on screen with his characters, and off screen with his natural personality. We’ve recounted some lovely moments with SRK when he’s been supremely hilarious, down to earth and connects with his fans seamlessly. This superstar goes beyond the movie frame and really makes connections with us all.

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When he answered the most Googled questions about himself — in the wittiest way

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When he gave us the goss on Don 2 and the REAL Farhan Akhtar in this cute throwback interview to 2011

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When you realise that the Badshah is just like you and I! Well, except for a few minor details, here and there…

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When he revealed to Karan Tacker (and millions of us at home) how to romance properly, and we learnt that no matter how much we practice spreading our hands and staring at our crushes, we will probably just creep them out. Nobody can replicate the King.

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And he kindly agreed to fulfill Antara Mitra’s fantasy (and all of ours, too) by dancing with her in this really cute moment at the MMA 2014.

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SRK’s been around 28 years and counting, and has remained as fit as ever. On this special conversation from back in 2011, watch as the star gives his own tips on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, in his own jokey manner, of course.

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In case you’ve forgotten why he’s called the Romance King, it’s because he brought to life these really beautiful songs with such perfection, that they have become official love songs for generations to come.

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Although he’s a huge star, SRK has always come across as super candid and genuine when he speaks to interviewers and fans. And here, he was directly speaking to us, and seems rather accessible. That’s real star quality.

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We know that SRK can always cut loose and shake a leg, and how! Here’s his crazy dance, totally spontaneous, which will guarantee to make you ROFL.

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Okay, so his actual intelligence is made obvious in this hilarious rapid fire round, where King Khan answers every question with the wittiest retorts you can never think of. Such as…

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Just watch this video. Trust me. I have no words. It’s the most talented stage I’ve ever seen, with the likes of Sonu Nigam, Subhash Ghai, Javed Akhtar and SRK at the centre, singing and dancing and entertaining us, as they have for decades.

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We’ve saved the best for the last. So far, you’ve seen SRK’s best singing, dancing, funniest moments. Here’s why he’s the King: because he reaches out to all his millions of fans, one by one.

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