Saif – Arjun’s Bhoot Police – A Childish Horror Comedy

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Horror comedies have become a trend now. After the success of Stree, many filmmakers are trying out this genre. But it should be known that not all can pull off something like a horror-comedy so well. Bhoot Police is one such failed attempt in making a horror-comedy.

Needless to say, the film comes with a fresh perspective. The storyline is interesting with an amazing star cast including Saif Ali Khan, Arjun Kapoor, Jacqueline Fernandez, and Yami Gautam. We can easily categorize this film into a children’s horror-comedy.

Bhoot Police tells us the story of two brothers – Vibhooti (Saif Ali Khan) and Chiraunji (Arjun Kapoor) who makes money by misusing people’s beliefs and claiming to be exorcists. While Arjun Kapoor is in look for a real ghost case in order to keep his father’s legacy on, Saif Ali Khan doesn’t believe in the religious aspect of their vocations.

The crux of the story is when Saif and Arjun encounter a real case. The narrative does garner momentum as it progresses and we start to expect something, only to get the expected and nothing extraordinary. There are times when you actually laugh and then there are times when you feel that the humor has been forced.

The direction and screenplay could have been stronger. Saif Ali Khan’s performance is the standout in the film. Arjun Kapoor manages to impress the audience. While Yami Gautam did a fair job, Jacqueline Fernandez failed to create a mark. The saddest part being – comedians like Rajpal Yadav and Javed Jaffrey’s superb acting talent being badly used and wasted. They have minimal screen time and role.

A lot could have been done with this story. We expected something like finding what their father actually did, a much stronger backstory to the ghost, Saif’s character having a built-up realization point, and much more. But the story just rushes from one part to other. And this rush job just ruined it all.

Speaking of jump scares (since it comes under the category horror), there are very few. If we compare it to Stree or even Roohi, Bhoot Police has very minimum jump scares. The one that exists won’t make you scream with fear though.

There is no such music in the film other than the background music. The tension that the director tried to build through music is impressive. We just wished it was used in a more useful way.

The film is directed by Pawan Kripalani.

Overall, Bhoot Police is watchable if you clearly don’t have anything else to watch. This film is great for kids and can be termed as one time watch for adults. Also, Saif Ali Khan deserves a special mention – This man can pull off any role!

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