Navarasa – The Perfect Depiction Of The 9 Emotions!

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Navarasa was one of the much-anticipated anthologies! And it is finally out on Netflix. Mani Ratnam, the man who is known to create magic on screen has produced this series along with filmmaker Jayendra Panchapakesan. As the name of the series suggests, Navrasa is based on the 9 emotions that humans convey and these emotions have been divided into 9 different stories. 

The star cast is huge and hence the expectation from the series has soared really high. So here, let us give you a breakdown of the series. 

  1. Edhiri ( Karuna) Directed by Bejoy Nambiar 

Starring the supremely talented Vijay Sethupathi, Prakash Raj, and Revathi, this short story awakens a lot of emotions in you, especially compassion. What happens when you unleash years of pent-up rage on a stranger is clearly shown in the series. The emotions of rage and forgiveness are also touched upon. The regret and the resentment that follows have been beautifully portrayed by the star cast. With minimal dialogues, Vijay Sethupathi and Revathi manage to wow the audience with just their performance. 

2. Summer Of 92 (Hasya) Directed By Priyadarshan 

Based on a true event, this story stars Yogi Babu, Nedumudi Venu, and Ramya Nambeesan in the lead. The emotion captured in this story is laughter. Priyadarshan who is the master of making such movies, couldn’t amaze us in this particular one, but it definitely brings back nostalgia. Some parts of it are comic, but it couldn’t do complete justice. The story revolves around an alma who returns to his school and recites all the fun antics he was indulged in while he was in school.

3. Project Agni (Adbhuta) Directed By Karthick Naren

‘Man’s Reach Exceeds His Grasp’ – this segment of Navarasa begins with this beautiful line. But as the segment progresses you will wonder as to what is happening. Well, that’s exactly what the emotion wonder does. The story tells us various assumptions and science fiction stories that they claim to be true, but are they really true is something that you need to find out. This segment might or might out amuse you because this one clearly depends on your interests. It is slow-paced and hence one might just wander out while watching it. 

4. Payasam (Bheebhatsa) Directed by Vasanth S Sai

What can jealousy make you do? And the action will lead to disgust. This is the emotion portrayed in this segment. It is beautifully portrayed. The storytelling format is really impressive and the emotion of disgust has been clearly captured in the end. The story revolves around a man who is envious of his nephew’s success, and what he does at a family wedding is what leads to disgust. 

5. Peace (Shanthih) Directed By Karthik Subbaraj

This is a must-watch. The way the emotion has been portrayed is really mesmerizing. The story revolves around a group of soldiers who face risky situations after a young boy who got separated from his family seeks help. The story raises various uneasy questions and maybe this is what will keep you glued to it till the end.

6. Roudhram (Raudra) Directed By Arvind Swamy

The hues of anger are beautifully captured by Arvind Swamy. Flawless screenplay and seamless storyline give us the tale of various manifestations of anger. The story travels back and forth giving us a clear picture of the entire scenario. Detained after committing a physical assault, Arul reflects on his own troubled situations that led him to this end. It is basically the story of woes and struggles to break free from financial desperation. The crux of the story is definitely going to keep you hooked.

7. Inmai (Bhaya) Directed By Ratheendran R Prasad

Fear that arises from guilt is so strong that it becomes difficult to tackle. This emotion has been beautifully shot in the story of Navarasa. Inmai tells you an unsettling story of a sinner that ends in punishment. Parvathy plays the role of Wahida who is visited by a stranger named Farooq one day (played by Siddharth). This story has done an amazing job in capturing the attention of the audience. The plot twists will make you go through the 9 emotions yourself. Parvathy, as usual, has done a brilliant job.

8. Thunintha Pin (Veera) Directed By Sarjun KM

A perfect interplay of courage and confidence. You definitely need the courage to watch this story. With some great aerial shots, the segment also has a lot of bloodshed, ruthless murders, and gunshots! Atharvaa and Kishore take the maximum screen time, but Anjali plays a prominent role too. The script written by Mani Ratnam has an open ending and the dark theme sets the tone of the story very well. 

9. Guitar Kambi Mele Nindru (Sringara)  Directed by Gautham Menon

This segment of Navrasa reunites the popular director duo Suriya and Gautham Menon and they have done magic on screen. The love story has been portrayed beautifully and Karthik has done an amazing job with the music. Pragya Martin tries to do full justice to the role given to her and Suriya is commendable in the act. Unlike regular romantic stories, this one does not dwell in a happy ending but does flirt with the concept of romance and love. Shringara is undisputedly the king of all raas and yes, they have chosen the best (Suriya) to play the character too. 

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