Kriti Sanon Delivers Her Career-Best Performance With Mimi

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Kriti Sanon and Pankaj Tripathi’s film Mimi was just been released and it was a grand surprise for their fans. The film was supposed to premiere 4 days later i.e on the 30th of July on Netflix and Jio cinema, but they delivered the movie early (Smart promotional idea – If a baby can be born before the set date, then why can’t a film release before the announced date?) Also, what better day than Kriti Sanon’s birthday to release this film? 

Yes, the actress turns a year old today, and the day can’t get any more special for her. She has delivered her career-best performance in Mimi. Kriti Sanon, a Delhi girl who came to Mumbai with no godfather in the industry, made her place in Bollywood. We can’t be more proud of her. Now, with Mimi, she just proved that she is here to stay! 

Talking about the film Mimi, Kriti Sanon’s character is every girl who has a dream. Mimi reminds us that motherhood is not about just conceiving a baby, but far beyond it. Mimi is the story of the pettiest girl from Shekhawati (Kriti Sanon). She aspires to be a Bollywood actress one day and wishes to act opposite her favorite Ranveer Singh someday. This is when a private cab driver Bhanu played by the phenomenal Pankaj Tripathi meets Mimi. He has an offer for Mimi, which she can’t refuse. He introduces her to an American couple who is looking for a pretty girl to be a surrogate to their child. Kriti Sanon takes up the offer after realizing the amount she is going to get for carrying someone else’s child. She needed this money to fulfill her dreams, so why not? But, the twist in the tale occurs when the American couple changes their mind owing to a false-positive test of their unborn child, Kriti Sanon is left in a frenzy. She refuses to abort the baby and names Pankaj Tripathi as the father of the child upon being questioned.

Kriti Sanon is effervescent and Pankaj Tripathi always lightens up the mood with his effortless acting skills. No dearth of acting at all. Seasoned actors like Manoj Pahwa and Supriya Pathak adds flavor to the film and Sai Tamhankar is just effective and to the point in the film. Mimi in simple terms is an emotional tale told in the most humorous way without breaking any taboo.  

Mimi is an adaptation of the Marathi classic film Mala Aai Vhhaychy. Cinematographer turned director Laxman Utekar made sure that the film doesn’t lack behind. They have succeeded in the same and this dramedy jumps from one sequence to another flawlessly. Screenplay by Rohan Shankar and Laxman are the main reasons why the film connects us to this era. Though the concept of surrogacy isn’t explained to the public in simple terms, the emotions are conveyed. The film is backed by the magical score by Rahman (What more can you ask for?) 

The film did take 20 minutes to establish the plot, but once it is done, then there is no dipping. The makers made sure that there is little scattered humor in the first half while taking us through an emotional journey. 

The credit has to be given to Kriti Sanon for making this movie a must-watch. She out did Pankaj Tripathi and went the extra mile to look like the character. Right from gaining 15kgs to look pregnant to adapting to the accent, she ticked every box and she stood tall amidst the stalwarts like Pankaj Tripathi, Supriya Pathak, Manoj Pahwa and Sai Tahmankar. She deserves a grand salute for pulling this off. Sai on the other hand made us wonder whether she will outshine the lead cast at some points. 

The script and the dialogues of the film depict the deep-rooted Indian culture and the director made sure he makes it a strong point to connect the audience with the same. The story is simple and has nothing extraordinary to offer but it is the performance by the cast that makes it special. In short, Mimi is a mid-budget film that drives high on content and performances. This film is definitely a birthday gift to the audience by Kriti Sanon. 

Do watch the trailer right here!

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