Kartik Aaryan Stuns The Audience With His Gripping Thriller – Dhamaka!

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Can a journalist be trusted? Well, the film will make you question the core of news reporting for sure. Based on the Korean film The Terror Live, Ram Madhvani’s Dhamaka is a gripping thriller that will keep you hooked till the end. The surprise element is Kartik Aaryan! Unlike his other rom-com films, where he does wonders with just his charming looks and amazing monologues, Dhamaka adds a grey shade to Kartik Aaryan’s character. His intense acting showed us that he is much more than just delivering monologues.

Kartik Aaryan plays the role of Arjun Pathak, a prime-time TV anchor who was demoted to the role of a radio jockey. His life takes a turn when a random caller on his show claims that he is going to blow up the sea link. Opportunist Arjun didn’t take a moment to grab this opportunity to be back as a prime-time show anchor, but he had to pay heavy prices for the same.

‘An anchor is just an actor who wants an audience, and audience needs just drama.’ This conversation between Arjun Pathak and his boss is a hard-hitting truth. Kartik Aaryan plays a flawed corrupt news reporter, but as the drama unfolds he learns that he is just a pawn who can be disposed of by the system at any given point in time.

Will he expose the truth? Or will he give up everything and do as the channel says? The film shows Kartik Aaryan in a fight with himself. His entire life is blown to bits by the end of the film.

Ram Madhvani has done an amazing job in bringing out Kartik Aaryan’s best. Ram Madhvani built tension, gave away little information making the audience hungrier for more, and then does Dhamaka one after the other.

Amruta Subhash’s acting adds the extra masala needed to the film. If you end up hating her as the film reaches its final stage, it means she has succeeded in playing a horrible boss who is acting as a puppet to the higher authorities. She is unbelievably impressive in this role.

There is no point where you will feel that the film is dropping. At one point the bomber has blown up the sea link, the other moment Kartik Aaryan is accused of a lot of things, the clock is ticking, there are hostages stuck on the bridge that’s about to collapse, will the minister apologize? will the terror end? will the terrorist be caught? will Kartik Aaryan lose his loved one played by Mrunal Thakur? There’s a lot going on within just a little time span hence there is no point where you will be let down.

There are points where you will feel the tension, there are parts when you will feel the lump in your throat and there are times when you will feel the hatred and anger rising in you. The film is shot majorly in one location and the shoot was completed in just 10 days.

The song at the end of the film Khoya Paaya adds the final message to the film.

The story isn’t new. Its basically a common man’s fight against the system, but the way it was executed is commendable. Watch the film for the amazing execution. And ofcourse for Kartik Aaryan – the man just stunned us with his performance. Can we say this is Kartik 2.0?

We would love to see such performances from Kartik in the future too.

Do watch the trailer right here!

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