Cargo on Netflix: To Watch or Not? Not.

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When one thinks of “Cargo”, the image of a heavy, burdensome object that is a pain to move comes to mind. Ironically (or not), this movie feels the exact same way. Cargo, while having an extremely unique concept fails to execute it well.

Mirchi Play Rating: 2/5

Cargo is a sci-fi movie that adds science to reincarnation. Set in a time where Raskhas’ and humans work together to prepare the cargo aka dead humans, for their reincarnated life. This process takes place in a spaceship Pushpak 634-A that is manned by rakshas, Prahastha, who has been efficiently transitioning the dead for 75 years. He’s a sucker for rules and way too organised. He finds his monotonous pattern disrupted when a young human assistant, Yuvishka comes on board. From here on, the movie shows us the cliched Old v/s New and Boring v/s Exciting narrative. As they interact with various ‘cargo, they come to terms with the frailty of life and illusion of permanence.

Why it deserved the 2/5

1. Sci-Fi in Bollywood? HELL YEAH!

Writer and Director Arati Kadav ventured into the Sci-Fi space and for Bollywood, that is BOLD. And unlike many other Science Fiction Bollywood movies, this one was not about aliens or futuristic fantasies, but rather about life itself. Human life. It creatively mixed the mythological concept of Rakshas with Space. It used Re-incarnation and made it a scientific and systematic process with steps like Body healing, memory wiping, scanning and more. It was extremely innovative and a breath of fresh air for us.

Cargo movie netflix vikrant massey shweta tripathi

2. Vikrant Massey and Shweta Tripathi

Vikrant Massey and Shweta Tripathi are bursting with talent. Massey, aka Prahastha, despite being young pulls off the personality of an old man. He kind of reminds us of Carl from Up. He is boring, seemingly devoid of emotion and extremely stuck up. But despite being a goody-two-shoes, he never gets on your nerves. Tripathi as Yuvishka clashes with his character beautifully. She’s bubbly, lively and breaks the monotony that Massey had set. Her performance takes us on an emotional roller coaster. If it wasn’t for them, we would not have gotten through Cargo.

Cargo movie netflix vikrant massey shweta tripathi

Why it lost the 3/5

1. Never-ending Drag

Cargo was a 20 minute short film that dragged on for 2 hours. We kept waiting for a climax, any kind of climax, but it never came. The movie showcased way too many ‘cargos’ and each of them ratted out some life lesson or the other. These became annoying and after a point, the movie went from low-key entertaining to high-key boring.

Cargo movie netflix vikrant massey shweta tripathi

2. Weak plot

Cargo was a breeding ground for loose ends. Not once in the movie did they mention how the dead person can interact with Prahastha and Yuvishka, or how exactly they are re-incarnated. Apart from this, the plot was weak as well. Yes, okay, Rakshas and Humans work together to help dead people transition, but then what? Had they added a dead family member showing up (sorry this sounds grave, but you get the point), maybe even pushed a love-story esque angle or anything really, Cargo would have been bearable to watch.

Cargo movie netflix vikrant massey shweta tripathi

3. School-level production

One could easily tell that Cargo was a low-budget, extremely low budget movie. The issue wasn’t with the budget, but how it was used. Using props clearly made from cardboard, devices that looked like a school craft project and lazily made sets made our viewing experience worse. It felt like we were watching a School-level skit.

Cargo movie netflix vikrant massey shweta tripathi

In conclusion we would like to add, Cargo conveys a beautiful message about the frailty of life, yet it is a snooze-fest. While the performances by Massey and Tripathi were great and the concept was extremely bold, they could not save the movie.

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