Blockers Movie Review: The Ultimate Guide for Boomers

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Netflix’s latest movie addition Blockers, starring the wrestler John Cena, will crack you up. It’s a roller coaster of fun, comedy and drama. This coming of age movie has elements which sets it apart from the typical sex comedies. It will make you want to hide your phones and encrypt them with a million passwords.

This teen sex comedy is about three parents who are trying to stop their kids from losing their virginity on prom night. Three childhood friends, Julie ( Kathryn Newton ), Kayla, ( Geradaline Viswanathan), Sam, ( Gideon Adlon) make a #sexpact to lose their virginity to their boyfriends on prom night. Their parents, Kayla’s dad, Mitchell ( John Cena ) who is a tough nut from outside but overly sensitive on the inside. Julie’s mom Lisa ( Leslie Mann) is a single mom who is overly attached to her daughter. Sam’s dad, Hunter ( Ike Barinholtz) is the screwed up divorced father. The parents soon happen to discover a text chain on Julie’s laptop where the boomers try to decode the millennial lingo. After discovering what their kids are up to, they follow them throughout the night trying to cock block them.

Why is it not another teen movie?

The refreshingly interesting factor is that the girls in the movie are not played by stereotypes. Julie is the pretty blonde who is in love with her boyfriend Austin. Kayla is a successful athlete who is close to her dad Mitchel. Sam is the sweet, playful artsy type who is actually in love with a girl and is too scared to come out. These girls could be easily categorized into the pretty one, the Jock and the smart one. But the director Kay Cannon ( who also wrote Pitch Perfect) deviates from this. This movie shows that the pretty one can also be smart enough to get in UCLA. The jock does not necessarily have to be tomboyish. The smart can also be fun, cool and outgoing. The tough-looking dad can also be deeply sentimental. The screwed up, divorce dad can be attentive, caring and reasonable out of the three.


This time the parents end up in more crazy shit than the teenagers

Lisa, Mitchell and Hunter are just like any other parents. Paranoid, overbearing and think all the worst things in the world could only happen to their kids. Their fear of losing their girls to the adult world gets to them. But the real paranoia is the emptiness and aimless feeling which they will feel after their kids leave. As they follow their kids, they are involved in a car chase, end up at a frat party where they are faced with a “ butt funnel” and catch a couple having sex blindfolded. The scenes make you laugh your ass off. Kind of makes me wonder what would happen if my parents read my texts? Let’s just say it would be the last of me writing for you’ll!

The movie concludes with the modern idea of what a woke parent should look like. Less intrusive, more supportive and more open to the idea of their kids growing up. Hoping this movie works well in India. Where parents are known to be paranoid, clingy and consider sex as a taboo. The idea of the movie was to promote a sex-positive attitude. Sex is cool as long as it is consensual, comfortable and not done to be a part of a trend. The girls and boys are both open to talking about it. The movie is not focused on sex as the movie’s name suggests. It is more about the girls evolving into fully functional adults and their parents evolving in their own kind of way. This movie is funny AF, entertaining and would be cool if you saw it with your parents. (P.S. I should not be the only one getting in trouble)

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